Culinary of Banten

Each region in the country has its own characteristic food. Do not believe? Call it the Bantam. This province has the potential culinary probably not known to many people. What are the typical cuisine Bantam?

Province that was once part of West Java Province is secretly saving potential there is no. Keragaman culinary specialties of this area as well as an attraction for tourists to visit. Interestingly, almost in every city in Indonesia influenced by Arab culture in Banten makanannya.Tak exception. Foods that are the pride of the citizens of this area is rabeg.

The main dish made from raw goat meat and offal is a tangible manifestation of the Arab-Bantam acculturation. That said, rabeg dish is purposely made for the sultan of Banten. However, it has now been turned into community cuisine, especially in Serang and Cilegon. Usually served during parties and events salvation, such as the birth of a child or akikah salvation. "Lots of food typical of the unknown Bantam public.
In fact, Bantam has no less tasty food with other regions. Only, not appointed by the restaurants in Jakarta, such as rabeg, "said Executive Chef Hotel Jakarta Agus Sjarif Melawai. Rabeg daging.Hanya actually kind of stew, stew meat used kambing.Keunikan is located in Banten distinctive taste. If the stew is usually dominated by sweetness, rabeg has a bolder taste.

"Because, this stew uses a lot of spice," said Agus. Abundant use of spices, in addition to adding flavor steady cuisine, as well as useful to remove the smell of mutton prengus. In fact, if cooked properly, meat goat does not smell and texture almost like tender beef. The most prominent is the seasoning of pepper and pepper are prominent remember jahe.Penggunaan Bantam formerly known as the producer of pepper.
Other dishes made from meat that is not less popular in Punjab is rice marrow. Obtained from the bone marrow of buffalo. Marrow rice cooked by fire and usually served with satay buffalo tongue. Restaurants or food stalls serving nasi marrow, the numbers are actually not quite banyak.Namun, in Serang there are still a few restaurants that offer this rice. And bone marrow rice cooked separately.

Then the spices that are used for this marrow rice mixed with rice and buffalo bones. A mixture of rice and flavored with marrow that was then wrapped in leaves and baked. Shifted slightly, precisely in the area Cibeber, there is a demand sweet duck satay. This textured duck satay meat is tender and marinade to soak up daging.Kontan only sate is never quiet enthusiasts.

Still on skewers, in Banten, which is usually fried milkfish processed in such a way as to sate. This is no less refined satay with satay bebek.Umumnya prestige if you eat milkfish, we are going to be bothered with thorns. Well, this banding sate warranted to be free of thorns. How to make it quite interesting. Fish meat first removed from the body following fish spines, but with head, tail, and the skin remains intact.
Furthermore, fish meat is mixed with grated coconut and spices. The spices are used such as onion, garlic, coriander, and pepper. Next add the egg mixture and stir until blended. The dough is loaded back into the body of the fish, then steamed, then further wrapped in banana leaves and baked.
Besides it's a steady, even fragrant aroma. This menu was so famous, to the extent that local governments include it as one of the local specialty foods and heavily promoted. In addition to a daily meal, satay banding almost never absent in a large celebration or a wedding day like rabeg Banten.Sama society, food is believed to be a special presentation at the Banten sultanate.

Besides it tastes delicious, satay banding became a favorite with tourists for souvenir hunting because of resilience. Sate banding can last 3-4 days. It is not difficult to find this menu. A number of restaurants, especially in the area of ​​Anyer, Cilegon, and the central city of Serang, many offer a menu of this one.
Many people say, a visit to Jakarta is not complete without tasting the dish. Close culinary journey in the land of Banten with a tasting ice dawet sawut. Multicolored ice served with coconut, jackfruit cooked sugar, jelly, and ice that makes ice shavings pink is very fresh in my throat. sri noviarni

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