Denny Indrayana expelled Aziz Syamsudin

In addition to bullying Amir Syamsuddin Menkum Human Rights, Deputy Chairman of Commission III Aziz Shamsuddin also expelled Wamenkum Denny Idrayana with allegations of human rights are not eligible for the working meeting. The base problem is the policy of human rights Kemenkum tighten the terms of remission and parole for convicted cases of corruption.
Follow-Aziz Shamsuddin expulsion do in a working meeting with the House of Representatives Commission III ranks Kemenkum human rights in the Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/07/2011). On the sidelines of delivery of the policy which he considered had no legal basis, the chance of human rights Wamenkum Denny Indrayana was seen whispering to Amir Syamsuddin Menkum human rights.
"Wamen, do not you whisper! You have no right to talk here! If you do not want, please exit this room!" Aziz said in a tone that sounded high. to Dennysaat Kemenkum the meeting with Human Rights Commission III at the capitol, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/07/2011).
"The invited are Menkum human rights based on a letter. If you are not happy please get out! Do not look-see!" Golkar Party politician connect with a higher tone of voice.
Golkar politicians aloud this time to make gadung Commission III meeting room. Denny currently choose not to respond to the action Aziz.
"Interruption. Boss, you do so. I even get angry, these two people (Amir Shamsuddin and Denny Indrayana) friend of me. We are being watched by the people," warned the Democratic Party politician, Ruhut Sitompul.
Since the meeting is running hot, Chairman of Commission III meeting finally menskor way. Meetings will be resumed at 19:30 pm.
From the initial announcement of the tightening of the terms of remission and parole for convicted cases of corruption, controversy immediately sticking. Most of the community and in particular the fight against corruption activists support policies to strengthen the deterrent effect for perpetrators of corruption.
Instead of popping up vote against the House of Representatives. Coincidentally at the same time, there are some politicians who are undergoing the process of law in KPK while that has been thrown into prison can no longer enjoy automatic reduction of the punishment facilities routinely (remission) parole especially like their predecessors.

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